Tax Accounting

Changing tax laws continually drive the way business and personal finances are managed. Making appropriate decisions about the future are further complicated by the ever-growing array of financial planning options. These changes require the experience and resources necessary to provide specific solutions to specific problems.  Arxis Financial provides complete tax consulting services for clients with a variety of needs. Individuals and businesses seeking the financial edge to grow and remain profitable require expert assistance in minimizing taxes and assuring tax compliance.

Specific services …

We assist clients with a wide variety of tax needs, including:

Tax Planning
Our professionals integrate business and personal tax strategies to minimize overall tax liabilities.  Whether your tax situation is straightforward, complex, or simple, we add value to the process.  Examples of our tax planning services include:

  • Short and long-term business and individual tax planning tax planning
  • California and multi-state tax planning
  • Tax planning for business or personal transactions
  • Tax advice involving mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax-free real estate exchanges
  • Cost segregation studies

Income Tax Return Preparation
In conjunction with our highly regarded Tax Planning Services, Arxis Financial provides the proper tax authorities with timely, accurate and thorough tax filings.  We follow the tax laws while also seeking opportunities to minimize taxes.  Finally, we make certain that you adequately understand your completed returns.

Estate & Gift Taxes

Additional Tax Services

  • Consulting on payroll, sales and excise taxes
  • Representation before IRS and Franchise Tax Board

For further information, please contact Chris Boynton, Partner, at 805.342.0740 or via email; or Jedi Johnson, Partner, at 805.342.0750 or via email.